The Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) is a global leader in pharmaceutical engineering sciences. We help our partners to create and manufacture advanced medicines for patients around the world, through optimising products and processes. Offering cutting-edge, scientific solutions tailored to customer needs, we innovate pharma.



Corning’s Advanced-Flow™ Reactors enable continuous flow reactions for the conversion from batch to continuous processes. They provide customers with cost-effective solutions, specialized engineering support and process expertise. Corning reactors are designed for the seamless transition from lab feasibility to multi-ton production of pharmaceutical, specialty and fine chemicals.


Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik sets new standards worldwide in terms of microreaction technology. We offer you a choice of different equipment concepts of the technology platform micro- and millireactors, which means we can meet an enormous range of disparate requirements. We quickly achieve tangible added value for you – from laboratory up to production scale.


Zaiput Flow Technologies

Zaiput Flow Technologies is dedicated to bringing innovative tools for continuous and batch separation processes to the market. We specialize in modular, scalable liquid-liquid/gas-liquid separators with many advantages including quick separation of emulsions and negligible holdup volume. We have also designed lab scale countercurrent liquid-liquid extractors with minimal internal volume, offering the same advantages as our separators.



Chemtrix combines expertise in the field of (chemical) engineering and chemistry to help our customers to benefit from Flow Chemistry. We focus on delivering the customer higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities, via a safe and reliable scale-up from lab to production.


Fraunhofer ICT

Fraunhofer ICT offers R&D services in the field of chemical synthesis, process development, process optimization and process analysis based on flow chemistry and micro process engineering. We develop and apply spectroscopic and calorimetric process analysis techniques to provide insights into flow processes, and to apply them in integrated process control.



Syrris is a world leader in high quality, innovative products for research and development chemists and chemical engineers. Syrris takes pride in designing, developing and selling easy to use automated products for chemists in areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, academia, CROs, petrochemical industry etc.