Symposia on CFRT - Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications

CFRT is the prime international event to learn about the latest innovation and technologies related to the field of flow chemistry and continuous manufacturing.

The first edition took place in 2009 in Madrid and it became immediately a great success and received positive feedbacks from experts.

CFRT is an acronym for Continuous Flow Reactors Technologies for Industrial Applications. Its main goal has always been to bring the technology to the attention of the pharma and fine chemicals industry, thanks to real case studies.

The field of flow chemistry is evolving fast and CFRT has kept pace with this evolution. Within its editions it has talked about process chemistry, green chemistry, hazardous chemistry, electrochemistry, catalysis, photochemistry, modular plant etc.

The 14th edition will focus on machine learning, digital twins and scale-up.

14th Edition – Portmarnock, Dublin

13th Edition – Graz