Aravind Senthil Vel

PhD candidate at the CEISAM Laboratory, Nantes University


Aravind Senthil Vel is currently a 2nd year PhD candidate at the CEISAM Laboratory, Nantes University, France, under the supervision of Professor Francois-Xavier Felpin. His research focuses on the development of autonomous flow reactors for chemical synthesis, with a specific emphasis on the creation of an optimization algorithm for reactions involving mixed variables.

Prior to his PhD studies, Aravind completed his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in India, where he gained valuable experience in the field of optimization. During his master’s program, he worked as a research intern at ABB Corporate Research Center in Bangalore, India, focusing on developing solutions for scheduling pipeless plants using mathematical programming-based optimization techniques.

After joining the CEISAM laboratory, Aravind embarked on a new research direction, exploring the optimization of chemical reactions within autonomous flow reactors. This field presents unique challenges as chemical reactions often lack clear mathematical formulations and are considered black-box problems. Aravind’s research focuses on developing algorithms that can effectively optimize both continuous and discrete variables, addressing the complexities associated with optimizing various parameters in chemical reactions.

Aravind’s work contributes to the advancement of autonomous flow reactor technology, aiming to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of chemical synthesis processes.