Alain Guy Georg

Head of Research & Developmen – Owner and founder of Fluitec


Alain Georg graduated in 1991 as a mechanical engineer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
He began his career at Sulzer Chemtech as a Project and Sales Engineer for polymer static mixers and polymerization reactors.
In 1993 he founded the company Fluitec AG. From the very beginning Fluitec manufactured continuous reactors on a large scale.
The largest mixer heat exchanger was approx. 20 m long and weighed 20 tons. Operating pressures of up to 300 bar at 350°C are built as standard.
During the European research project F3 in 2010, the scalable Contiplant reactors were developed for the laboratory. These millireactors have the characteristic that a scaling of any large flow rates can take place with successful experiments. Alain Georg has been intensively involved in the safety engineering of continuous reactors for the last 3 years. Thanks to this standardized concept, both the production times of the entire assemblies and the commissioning are considerably reduced.