Howard Stamato

Stamato Solutions


Howard J. Stamato has over 30 years of experience in a broad range of skills. He has worked with projects from most major pharmaceutical companies, as well as generic and nutritional products. His work has been instrumental in delivering many life-changing medications with annual sales in the billions. Working for two major chemical companies, in household and personal products, with a multinational equipment manufacturer and clients from other industries rounds out his knowledge. Of interest during that career were: designing equipment, facilities, processes, products, and business workflows. He has been a key contributor advancing information technology systems, simulation/modeling, and has pioneered in fields such as knowledge management, data science, and visualization. He has also worked in regulatory affairs, as a consultant, served as an expert witness, and contributed on several advisory boards. Howard has participated in over 60 peer reviewed presentations, posters, and articles as well as patents and book chapters.