Federico Casanova

CEO, Magritek


Dr. Federico Casanova is a director on the Magritek board, and Group CEO of Magritek in Germany where he is responsible for applications, development, and sales operations in the EMEA region. He studied physics at Cordoba in Argentina where he did his master thesis and subsequently his PhD in NQR imaging. After finishing his PhD Federico moved to Aachen, Germany, as a Humboldt fellow to join the group of Bernhard Blümich for his postdoc. He spent ten years at Bernhards lab as senior scientist in charge of the low field research line. There, he published over 50 articles in scientific journals, filed several patents in the field of mobile NMR, and edited a book on single-sided NMR. His expertise is in NMR hardware and methods, NMR imaging, and spectroscopy. He is one of the founders of Magritek and has been working for the company since 2011.