Di Sha

CSO, Ou Shisheng(Beijing) Co., Ltd


Dr. Sha obtained her MD degree and later pursued a PhD in neuroscience in the US. During her doctoral studies and postdoctorate training, she focused on studying the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases and exploring potential pharmaceutical treatments. Dr. Sha relocated to Silicon Valley in 2015 and transitioned into the field of data science. She took on a role as a data scientist, leveraging big data and machine learning techniques to analyze biomedical data collected from hospitals. In 2018, Dr. Sha returned to Beijing, China, where she co-founded a startup company. The focus of the startup was AI-based functional medicine research, exploring innovative approaches to personalized medicine and healthcare. In 2022, Dr. Sha made a career move and joined Ou Shisheng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Here, she assumed the leadership role in the biology application team. As the team lead, she is responsible for overseeing and guiding the application of biological and medical knowledge within the company's technological advancements and projects.