Christof Franzke

Senior Technical Consultant Key Accounts at COPA-DATA


Christof Franzke works as a Senior Technical Consultant Key Accounts, primary in the pharmaceutical sector.

Long ago starting his career as a Data processing specialist in the IT-World, he later switched to the Automation business, staring with concepting and implementing medium and large sized HMI and SCADA Systems mainly for the food industry.

Since 2017 he works as a Senior Technical Consultant for COPA-DATA Germany.

In 2019 he took over the technical product lead and developed the zenon MTP POL until it´s productive launch. During these years he became a well experienced and well known specialist on all topics around modularization and MTP.

Today he still works for COPA-DATA and is still successfully helping customers from different industries to solve todays challenges around digitalization and -especially- modularization.