Suhas Jawlekar

Process Engineering expert at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories


Suhas Jawlekar is a Chemical Engineer from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai University, India. He has 18 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry wherein he worked in various aspects of drug substance process development like process optimization, technology transfer & scale up, particle engineering, polymorph development. He has been involved in flow chemistry & continuous manufacturing program of Dr. Reddy’s since last 4 years. He is leading a team, consisting of chemical engineers & chemists, which works on evaluation & intensification of different chemistries & process design using flow technologies for drug substances. He has also been involved in design of a modular, continuous plant capable of handling tonnage level throughput. He has few patents & article to his name and is a certified Six Sigma black belt.

Title of presentation:

Design of a continuous manufacturing process for drug substance