Sándor B. Ötvös

WF Project Leader at Uni-Graz and Senior Scientist at RCPE


Sándor B. Ötvös studied Chemistry at the University of Szeged (Hungary) and obtained his MSc in 2009. He earned his PhD in 2013 at the same university under the supervision of Prof. Ferenc Fülöp (Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry). After conducting postdoctoral research at the University of Szeged/ Hungarian Academy of Sciences, he moved to Austria in 2018 where he is currently serving as an FWF Project Leader at the University of Graz (CC FLOW labs) as well as a Senior Scientist at Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH. His research interests are focused on the combination of continuous flow chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and catalysis with a special emphasis on the synthesis of APIs.

Title of presentation:

Enantioselective Continuous Flow Synthesis of Chiral Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients