Peter Sagmeister

Senior Scientist accelerating process development with digitalization of flow chemistry, process analytics and data science at RCPE


Peter Sagmeister is enthusiastic about combining continuous flow chemistry with process analytics and control technology (PACT). He has a strong interest in using data science to understand chemical reactions for advanced process control and optimization. Peter received a BSc (2016) and MSc degree (2018) in chemistry from the University of Graz, Austria, and had a research stay at the University of Calgary in Canada. He obtained his PhD from the University of Graz in 2022. His PhD focused on the topic of digitalization of flow chemistry using real-time process analytics for data-rich experimentation. Peter is currently a senior scientist at Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE) in Graz, where he is developing methods contributing to the digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry.

Title of presentation:

Photochemical Fluorodediazonization in Continuous Flow Toward the Synthesis of 1,2-Difluorobenzene