Peiliang Han

M4I Institute, Maastricht Multimodal Molecular Imaging (M4I), Faculty Health, Medicine & Life Science


In 2017, I finished my bachelor and master degree in chemistry from University of Sheffield (UK). After my graduation, I got back to China and joined Pharmaron, a contract research organization (CRO) to synthesize small bioactive molecules. The batch size of molecules is varied from hundred milligrams to hundred grams. In 2018, I joined another CRO, BioDuro and mainly focus on library synthesis in milligram scale. In 2019, I was invited by my supervisor Maarten Honing to study my PhD in M4I which is a department leaded by Ron Heeren in Maastricht University (the Netherland). From 2019 to now, I have been exploring my knowledge on Mass spectrometry (MS), tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS), ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) and continuous flow technology in Maarten’s group. I investigate MS, together with MS/MS and IMS, as a process analytical tool for on-line reaction analysis in continuous flow chemistry.

Title of presentation:

Ion mobility spectrometry-tandem mass spectrometry strategies for the on-line monitoring of a continuous microflow reaction