Martin D. Johnson

Chemical Engineer at Eli Lilly and Company


Martin D. Johnson works for Eli Lilly and Company in Synthetic Molecule Design and Development. He received his dual doctorate in chemical engineering and environmental engineering from the University of Michigan in 2000, and his undergraduate in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech. Prior to joining Eli Lilly in 2005, he worked as a process research engineer at Union Carbide and The Dow Chemical Company. Dr. Johnson was awarded the 2016 ACS Award for Affordable Green Chemistry for work with continuous aerobic oxidations, the 2016 AIChE Award for Outstanding Contribution to QbD for Drug Substance for implementation of continuous processes, and the 2021 AIChE CRE Practice Award for design and implementation of continuous reactors in the pharmaceutical industry. Recently his group has been applying CRE concepts to improve peptide and oligonucleotide syntheses.