Marcus Baumann

Associate Professor in Continuous Flow Chemistry – University College Dublin


Marcus Baumann graduated with a Diploma in Chemistry from Philipps-University Marburg, Germany in 2007. He then joined the group of Prof. Steven V. Ley FRS at the University of Cambridge for his PhD which focused on developing continuous flow methods for the synthesis of bioactive entities. In 2011, he moved across to Irvine, California as a postdoc in the group of Prof. Larry E. Overman. Supported by a Feodor-Lynen Fellowship from the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, this research led to the discovery of a novel ETP alkaloid analogue that has since undergone extensive preclinical studies as a promising anti-cancer agent. In 2013, Marcus returned to the UK for postdoctoral studies with Prof. Ian R. Baxendale at the University of Durham targeting scalable flow routes of industrially relevant building blocks. Marcus currently holds an Associate Professorship at University College Dublin where his group is pursuing research towards flow-based routes of drug-like building blocks utilising photochemistry, biocatalysis and various high-energy transformations.