Gary Morris

Principal Scientific Advisor, Small Molecule at APC


Gary Morris is the Principal Scientific Advisor for the Small Molecule Business Unit at APC Ltd. He has over a decade of technical and managerial experience in drug substance process development, scale-up, and manufacturing technology innovation. Gary holds a first class honours bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland. His PhD work focused on the development of enabling platforms for the continuous crystallization of synthetic compounds and model-based strategies for process optimization. In 2013, he joined APC Ltd. as a Research Engineer in the Technology Development Group, where his early career responsibilities included leading the establishment of continuous crystallization as a new CMC service for the company. Over the last ten years, Gary has overseen the expansion of APC’s continuous processing capabilities into broader application areas, such as continuous chemical reactions, end-to-end synthesis of small molecules in flow, and continuous antibody–drug conjugate processing. He has led multiple continuous process development programs across the drug development lifecycle, addressing a wide variety of batch-to-flow design requirements, from process telescoping and improving scalability, to enhancing reaction performance and overcoming the API physical property control challenges presented in batch processing. Gary has authored and co-authored several journal articles on the topic of continuous crystallization and is a regular speaker at international conferences on the subject of continuous processing for API production. In his current role, Gary is responsible for the technical advancement of emerging small molecule technologies and their commercialization into the department’s portfolio of CMC services, with new advances in continuous processing being part of this scope.