Brendon Doyle

Flow Chemistry and Automation, an affiliate of Merck, Burlington


Brendon completed his bachelor’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa, Canada, in 2016. Upon their completion, he began his Ph.D. studies in Chemical Engineering under the co-supervision of Prof. Arturo Macchi and Prof. Dominique Roberge in a collaboration between the University of Ottawa and Lonza AG in Visp, Switzerland. Brendon’s thesis, entitled “Development of Micro to Milli-Scale Multiphase Reactors With and Without Solids for Implementation into Mini-monoplants” focused on continuous flow process development and scale-up of multiphase reaction systems for pharmaceutical development. After completion of his Ph.D. in early 2021, Brendon studied continuous flow filtration systems as a Post-Doctoral Fellow for Prof. Michael Organ at the University of Ottawa. Currently, Brendon is working as a scientist in the Flow Chemistry and Automation group for Merck in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA. His work is focused on continuous flow process development for fine chemicals.

Title of presentation:

Photoisomerization of a substituted cis-acrylic acid in flow